All Yours

Today as I read in Corinthians 6-7:

“None of you should be proud of one person and despise another. Who made you superior to others? Didn’t God give you every thing you have? Well, then, how can you boast, as if what you have were not a gift?”

Seeing my life today, as it goes as it flows seems to me nothing genuine I catch for and entering another life with full of glamorous people making ones said who they are, and it’s immersing me on the shimmering world.  Then the verse reminds me: ”Who am I to boast myself? And “Where are all these things coming from?” And all of my days I should’ve to smack me on the vertical matters like we see on peddlers or vendors out there. The circumstance like I used to, out of breath and I could’t move moreover at the end of the month. I remember some bug eyed on me as I didn’t do as they wanted. While I thought of my pocket was flat broke and I was sitting as a nutty person that should go on my life forwards. Perhaps some people thought I’m imbecile and I used to get it, and I won’t fight though I really wanted. In my heart says that one day they’ll know it….then it come true, I’ve felt on the top of the world that time but that verse always reminds me as I read Bible such right now. Seems He wanna tell me not to be mingled with worldly impulse coz everything I have and everything I get right now are all Yours, and not to be proud and boast of my self because I’m all nothing without You…..


KL, June 27, 2007



Nothing Wrong to Start it Over Again

A huge trembling of hurts may not be altered by forgiven

It’s just a simple thing but depth, I’m not perfect

You’re likewise; so much fun countless blaming myself

when you stab me with your words,  I’m sink in

How do I get there as you wish, while this I must say

Yet worse not definitely true uttered

Are Thou always getting irritated with the slight notice?

Don’t you know so much things I‘ve done for chilling you

But you never seen it,

Revenge as fire with no words, but telling people of the blameless worthy

Being custodian who deserves to have the noble sacrifice

Sorry wasn’t enough to drain all piles of hurts

As if nothing happened but fire shows up anytime

Enough! I’m sick of this kinda back fence

Please, just need brave honored acceptance and truth between us to make it better

And devastate all fires inside

coz ages and times have separated us…

And nothing wrong to start it over again….


KL, September 27, 2007

Deepest Penitence

Imprinted deeply in my mind

Being trapped by indignant wrath

Seethe the one, to whom should deserve the most honor and respect

Above all who live in this world

The only one I granted for paternally fusion

Negative side always be around me embodied in words and deeds

Smile of happiness turns into glum to me

Soon after cheerfully seeing my innocent son

What a sinful stubborn man I am to menace his bliss and authority

What a kind of fulsome mad person I be

Whilst he got through everything that being the greatest part of my life

Probably forgiven is enough for me,

But a huge hole scraping never been removed from his threadbare throne

And I said “It’s just a matter of communication, and I don’t know what to do if I have any heaps inside.”

I’m a barbarian who doesn’t know the meaning of sense

To the frailty eroded by terms and toils

to the divine wise man before me that much needs gently embrace and shelter

With all my gratitude and depth penitence of my foolishness

Would you please replace the whole broken wounded heart with heavenly ever flowing water to relieve this thirst of sinner…..

You used to buttoning my cloth as I was a baby,

But now, please let me do it for you as you couldn’t do it by yourself

in the rest of your life…


KL, July 17, 2007


Jesus bin Sirach 3: 12-14


“My child, take care of your father when he grows old; give him no cause for worry as long as he lives. Be sympathetic even if his mind fails him; don’t look down on him just because you are strong and healthy. The Lord will not forget the kindness you show to your father; it will help you make up for your sin”.




Dealing with Difficult People

When asked what he considered the most
valuable skill in employees, John D.
Rockefeller once replied, “The ability
to get along with people!”

One of the most important skills
needed to succeed in ministry is
knowing how to handle troublemakers.
If you learn how to deal with
difficult people early on, then you’ll
be able to pour more energy into
ministry rather than needless

Troublemakers come in all shapes:

THE SHERMAN TANK – will run over you
if you let him.
THE MEGAPHONE – will talk your ear
everyone’s enthusiasm.
THE VOLCANO – has a temper like Mt.
St. Helens.
THE CRY BABY – is a chronic
THE NIT PICKER – is the unpleasable
THE SPACE CADET – is on a different

What should you do with these types?

Jesus had to deal with a lot of
difficult people. Here are FOUR
methods he modeled through his life:

1. Realize you can’t please everybody
(John 5:30). Even God can’t do that!
One wants rain while the other demands

2. Refuse to play their game (Matt.
22:18). Learn to say no to unrealistic
expectations. Confront them
by “telling the truth in love.”

3. Never retaliate (Matt. 5:38-39). It
only lowers you to their level.

4. Pray for them (Matt. 5:44). It will
help both of you. Let God handle them.

Make this Bible verse your goal this
week, “If it is possible, as far as it
depends on you, live at peace with
everyone.” (Rom. 12:18 NIV)

“recited from an article”