Told to the light 2

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

Stained glass at St John the Baptist’s Anglican Church, Ashfield, New South Wales. Illustrates Jesus’ description of himself “I am the Good Shepherd” (from the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 11). This version of the image shows the detail of his face. The memorial window is also captioned: “To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of William Wright. Died 6th November, 1932. Aged 70 Yrs.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hi Jesus..


Dunno what to say


I feel no power


If I remember the days I’ve passed through


Not realized that you were near


Something’s making me change


Dunno what kinda feeling this is

Missing the light of you


Remember my childhood dreaming


With you I touched the sky


You brought me flying within the clouds


No more fears inside


Against all powers in this world


You hugged me such in paradise


Dreaming in your dwelling


Felt safe in your embrace


God bring me up once again!


Till I feel ready


Touching the grayish of the ground


Meet many people and things you’re offering


Empower me….defeat all my fears


not mine


But yours…….




KL, June 12, 2007






(To: the love of my soul)

Do you remember when we were good friend? Do you remember when you caught me up?

To the old vendor we went, enjoyed the meal, Sat down on a rug, stared up the blue nite sky.

All we have done it together, like I have known you so long. Shared of what the life we lived for…laughing, weeping, loosing fear and loving…But you were not mine…

Do you remember when I gave you picture on your birthday? When the chapel welcomed us as he knew tomorrows…

When you gave me rose on your coming..But your eyes were thinking of someone else…

Time was going by as long as hoping…You were lost……faded away and crumbled my kindled dream……

Never did I stop finding. Number of people we’ve met, number of people we’ve lost

Such searching on someone like you I always did, and I did…between losing I prayed if we were meant to be together, nothing would separate us

And here… tomorrow has finally met us in a holy vow

Now everything is clear..We don’t use the veil anymore….We’re no longer saying as if we know nothing

Don’t you know I felt safe and glad with you…Looking on the leak roof…couldn’t sleep that nite

Baling out water from our 6 square feet rented shelter…Walking on the street with haze and jam

Holding up to upper bar with dozens of people in the bus..Never stopped you intended making me coffee in the morning,

Laughing as we forgot the past…joking as we used to do..Letting through those unpleasant days

And you were still the same…like I knew before..

But now….you’ve removed doubt of mine…

Jakarta, December 2006






Staring (Photo credit: driek)



Midsummer Dream

(Remembrance of a partner, the one and only)

To close to you was desire on my sleep

To be with you was a boundless wish I lifted up

Coz long hours we never had

You met me just a glance, yet this overflowing heart withered

Nor eased the absence that we were not be together

Running over exhaustion burden on shoulders

To submerge our mind into fatigue ness of rush hours

What a lively endless glimmer of hope to embrace you in mine

Time would never end to feel your heartbeat

It was all what I’d been dreaming before seeing you

In painful yearning awaiting for your presence all days here…

KL,  January 2005

English: "Midsummer Nights Dream Act IV S...

English: “Midsummer Nights Dream Act IV Scene I–A wood – Titiania Titania, queen of the fairies, Bottom, fairies attending & etc.” engraving Français : Le Songe d’une nuit d’été Acte IV Scène I — La clairière – Titania (reine des fées), Bottom, les fées présentes & etc. gravure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Nite Shadows

February 15, 2008

February 15, 2008 (Photo credit: hoosadork)

Oh the nite world,

It’s long long time ago since I left you

Filled my days with the fantasy of nite light

Place for the young souls release out pain and happiness

Moving bodies embodied by the unreal beauty of life

Crazily dance, music that never back

The mesmerizing past never fade

Time to grab win and freedom once only,

Blow up emotion flying high scattered by dim light’s shadows

When…. .when could we get back again ?

Madly wanna see you again

But it’s nonsense, I’d buried all your memories deep down inside….

Though you’ve been a part of my drowning sweetest and greyist life…ever  had….


KL, February 15, 2008

Let the Spring Begin…..

july 3 2007 saint louis arch fireworks

july 3 2007 saint louis arch fireworks (Photo credit: paparutzi)

Flickr today

Flickr today (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

If you be right back to the bench you used to arch

Forcibly disguise all hopes in dimness of the whole story there

You’ll mourn rusty shrift perishing on your tress

Today isn’t the time for bewailing losing

Nor calling the time comes in between……

Not you’re culpable or the time that wasn’t unfair hanging up your desire

But the faith has its railway to go on………

Taste endurance merged into the mellow carving of the sweet old story

In order to stride your step to the spring fostering your own light

See thru the snowdrop beauty entering the soul every single day

Let the spring illuminating your heartbeat knitting the days of tomorrow’s dream

Coz your own story must be engraved soon..…


KL, July 3, 2007



Back to the Memorable Old Town – Part 1

A man with his ultimate brandy in hand falters like crazy, treads over the road in bare foot. Wondering where he can have inn at a shady place. Shelter from coldness of the late night outside. He doesn’t know where he is. Dreams only the bird perks on the shady tree in the nice dreamed garden of the house last time, when he walked with a grace young lady. To the road of every morning dew always fall. Laughing, joking and tenderly flattering Yesterday was the beautiful captures in his eyes, haunted along with the picture of million days ago When he started what he won’t end, fault ness of destiny he’s sorry. The little lily they planted in the garden could have been growing taller. The only place where the flakes wished for subsides though together never seen its harvest. The young man back to the garden from the city some other time to craved the bright lily blossom. Yet, even more house and the garden were gone. Silently flow over the grass that evenly be red sands for plumber, to the house that being a pyre. So many efforts he got for not coming back to the sweetness memorable place used to be was nothing…. All is nothing…. No where to go, and nobody…… the shelter tree only be a memory that no longer exist when the lost turns over the heart needs a chest to embrace…… If only a man be an angel, he ought to trash feeling of lost evenly.

KL, October 20, 2007

Nothing Wrong to Start it Over Again

A huge trembling of hurts may not be altered by forgiven

It’s just a simple thing but depth, I’m not perfect

You’re likewise; so much fun countless blaming myself

when you stab me with your words,  I’m sink in

How do I get there as you wish, while this I must say

Yet worse not definitely true uttered

Are Thou always getting irritated with the slight notice?

Don’t you know so much things I‘ve done for chilling you

But you never seen it,

Revenge as fire with no words, but telling people of the blameless worthy

Being custodian who deserves to have the noble sacrifice

Sorry wasn’t enough to drain all piles of hurts

As if nothing happened but fire shows up anytime

Enough! I’m sick of this kinda back fence

Please, just need brave honored acceptance and truth between us to make it better

And devastate all fires inside

coz ages and times have separated us…

And nothing wrong to start it over again….


KL, September 27, 2007