Letter From Wellington – Day 3

Thank God for your blessing to us. Around 11 years we’ve been leaving far from our country. We learnt so much how You’ve taken care of us in our lives. From what we didn’t know at all each country we lived in till we knew how to survive at some countries that somewhat different from our cultures. There were some times me and my kids experienced where my husband was away from family, a couple of months for his job assignment, but You gave us strength. Again for these couple of months we experience the same way. We’re thanking God of every situation that He’s given to us, and I believe that He will take care of us…and this was the letter he sent to me day to day….


Day 3

Today, I went to church again for morning mass and felt a bit sleepy after that, still adjusting to NZ time plus 4 hours difference than back to KL….I grabbed my simple breakfast banana bread  and milk and bought a quarter of chicken for $4.5 that was enough for protein consumption today to keep me warm….it was cool out there and windy…I was planning to go to the cable car but cancelled it…ended up with reading a book at national library, enjoyed my coffee and of course called my wife…I got a text from my young brother said my mom got hurt on his heart, I really prayed to God, hope everything’s gonna be OK for my parents while I’m here. I was heading home, took a few street pictures as the beginning of winter view. The street looked windy, chilly and getting dark at 5 pm in the afternoon. After arriving at the hotel, I started to carry on what I had to do on that evening and took a good rest. Thank God for the 3rd day I have spent in this new country and all blessing you gave to me, and I missed my family there…

(From Wellington With Love, 21st July 2017)







“I do!”

As always, my kids were begging me to read them a book before sleeping, however I was still doing things in the kitchen, tidying up mess, then grabbing shower for bathing though I should have read them book at that time. Time flew very fast, but in the tight time nearly bed, the time for kids, they were still begging me again to stay reading, pray then they could have slept peacefully. I was a bit frantic because the more they were waiting for me, the later they were sleeping. The result, they would have been late to school, and many more anxious thoughts.

Thank God, I had husband who understood, even in the restless, husband can replace a moment the mom’s job with kids. This was making my kids felt closer to their Dad and my husband too. He didn’t know how to read book well to kids, but he knew how to entertain our kids regardless his exhaustion of work, even without reading books he tried his own way to cheer up our kids. He didn’t know how to explain the story or brainstorming book with them, but his company was really a feeling of expectancy for them, especially when he got back home after work. He always brings something such bread, pencil, stationary even small things seem unimportant, but his presents will be awaited by my kids. He calls them by their name soon after he gets to the doorstep and saying “Hello guys! I’m coming…I have something for you!”I really like the way he loves his family. I learned from him too how to love my family though I didn’t know before how to be a good mom, I didn’t have real reflection of family completely in my background and my mind but I’ve finally known that what God had planned was right. Husband and wife are meant to be together forever till the end of time.

I know, he is not perfect in everything I hoped before, but he is everything in my life. He is not to be the right man I expect  when I need him to be, but he is his with all characters he has. Sometimes cheering up turns to be anger suddenly, because there’s something wrong according to his mind. Sometimes we have different perspective and quarrel each other. I know it’s a process to understand and to be understood. I tried to look up on the Bible verse about husband and wife, such as the story about Abigail, Proverb 31 and some other verses a lot more about wife. Eventually, I know that God gave husband as a head to manage a family, and sent wife  as a helping hand for husband and children in their life. Wife is supposed to obey her husband (means from the right conducts of husband according to Bible, as long as it is not in defiance of God’s commands). Once I knew that God had asked us to have good relationship with Him, and the second is our family then we serve others, or serve our family and others at the same time as long as our husband is allowing us to do both. Daily Prayer is very important as our protection to break down evil and everything hinders in marriage life.

According to God, there is no separation between husband and wife. Recited in Matt 19: 4:

For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’?[c] So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate

I perceive that God had chosen husband and wife even before we lived. Indeed, it is quite long journey to learn how to be a good wife and husband according to God’s commands. Nevertheless,  we can’t believe that as the time goes by, the present we get from Him is perseverance, a heart that is trying to find God’s throne in every kind of circumstances whether good and bad, a heart which totally accepts every disappointment burdens us within marriage life. Thus, as we already know, husband, and children it selves are precious gift from above that we really need time and effort to preserve with unconditional love.

These words again remind me of our holy wedding vows in church that will be last forever in our marriage life:


Priest: (Name), do you take (name) to be your wife? Do you promise to be true to her in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love her and honor her all the days of your life?

Groom: I do.

Priest: (Name), do you take (name) to be your husband? Do you promise to be true to him in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love him and honor him all the days of your life?

Bride: I do.

“I do love you!”

English: So called Husband and Wife trees at L...

English: So called Husband and Wife trees at Lynncraigs Farm, Dalry, North Ayrshire, Scotland. Tree species – Blackthorn. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

KL, 24th September 2013


(To: the love of my soul)

Do you remember when we were good friend? Do you remember when you caught me up?

To the old vendor we went, enjoyed the meal, Sat down on a rug, stared up the blue nite sky.

All we have done it together, like I have known you so long. Shared of what the life we lived for…laughing, weeping, loosing fear and loving…But you were not mine…

Do you remember when I gave you picture on your birthday? When the chapel welcomed us as he knew tomorrows…

When you gave me rose on your coming..But your eyes were thinking of someone else…

Time was going by as long as hoping…You were lost……faded away and crumbled my kindled dream……

Never did I stop finding. Number of people we’ve met, number of people we’ve lost

Such searching on someone like you I always did, and I did…between losing I prayed if we were meant to be together, nothing would separate us

And here… tomorrow has finally met us in a holy vow

Now everything is clear..We don’t use the veil anymore….We’re no longer saying as if we know nothing

Don’t you know I felt safe and glad with you…Looking on the leak roof…couldn’t sleep that nite

Baling out water from our 6 square feet rented shelter…Walking on the street with haze and jam

Holding up to upper bar with dozens of people in the bus..Never stopped you intended making me coffee in the morning,

Laughing as we forgot the past…joking as we used to do..Letting through those unpleasant days

And you were still the same…like I knew before..

But now….you’ve removed doubt of mine…

Jakarta, December 2006






Staring (Photo credit: driek)



True Friend is forever

To: long distance friends

My heart’s always calling your name

no matter who you are

Be the greatest of all

Such two opposite poles in one

As we are one

Bring bright all our days,

through far distances

Can’t touch you

But can feel your mind

Wanna give you more…and more

Share our humility and the real us

All wishes and blown up imagination

Wanna reach the star altogether

God please take us up together on the sky

as we sewing out our own stories

and shout it out loud to the earth that is so cloudy

pour all glitters and remove shadows surround us

Like the sun is shining through….no matter what life gives

But I’m telling you….our friend is forever…as long as we live


KL, June 21, 2001

Turbulence of Love

To: The genuine partners to be

As you lookin on the highland

Momentarily your head be flying in the clouds

Or insisted making a go that droppin you

Like what grandma or mother’s telling you about on their age

Or couples singing on the yacht at lovely morning sky

Clinging lips to lips of sweet massive bunch stream inside

Elevating fearless rumble of sensational taste

That’s true….

Yet been analyzed thru on the new life your own built

Of stormy ordeals breakin rolling on your way

Perhaps each just a scratch of nail going thin and smooth

Growing heap unconsciously while you’re tearing over and over

In a huff you be as the glowing’s gone slightly

Surely as the seeds fade away from your face

Mindful that play’s hard to get from thousands even millions of people

Somehow must put all heart into it

Just stick onto the light you’ve worked on

Coz you were created for each other

Such pearl bundled up hard dust and dirt in all the way you’ve been made

Flaming bright eternally as ever……that’s your love should be…..


KL, June 28, 2007

Pernyataan Plato tentang Cinta dan Kehidupan Perkawinan

Plato bertanya akan cinta dan kehidupan …

Suatu hari, Plato bertanya pada gurunya,
“Apa itu cinta? Bagaimana saya menemukannya? ”

Gurunya menjawab, “Ada ladang gandum yang luas di depan sana.
Berjalanlah kamu dan tanpa boleh mundur kembali, kemudian ambillah
satu saja ranting. Jika kamu menemukan ranting yang kamu anggap
paling menakjubkan, artinya kamu telah menemukan cinta” .

Plato pun berjalan, dan tidak seberapa lama, dia kembali dengan tangan
kosong, tanpa membawa apapun.

Gurunya bertanya, “Mengapa kamu tidak membawa satupun ranting?”

Plato menjawab, “Aku hanya boleh membawa satu saja,dan saat berjalan
tidak boleh mundur kembali (berbalik)”.
Sebenarnya aku telah menemukan yang paling menakjubkan, tapi aku tak
tahu apakah ada yang lebih menakjubkan lagi di depan sana, jadi tak
kuambil ranting tersebut. Saat kumelanjutkan berjalan lebih jauh
lagi, baru kusadari bahwa ranting-ranting yang kutemukan kemudian tak
sebagus ranting yang tadi, jadi tak kuambil sebatangpun pada akhirnya”

Gurunya kemudian menjawab ” Jadi ya itulah cinta”

Di hari yang lain, Plato bertanya lagi pada gurunya,
“Apa itu perkawinan? Bagaimana saya bisa menemukannya? ”

Gurunya pun menjawab “Ada hutan yang subur didepan sana. Berjalanlah
tanpa boleh mundur kembali (menoleh) dan kamu hanya boleh menebang
satu pohon saja. Dan tebanglah jika kamu menemukan pohon yang paling
tinggi, karena artinya kamu telah menemukan apa itu perkawinan”

Plato pun berjalan, dan tidak seberapa lama, dia kembali dengan
membawa pohon. Pohon tersebut bukanlah pohon yang segar/subur, dan
tidak juga terlalu tinggi. Pohon itu biasa-biasa saja.

Gurunya bertanya, “Mengapa kamu memotong pohon yang seperti itu?”

Plato pun menjawab, “sebab berdasarkan pengalamanku sebelumnya,
setelah menjelajah hampir setengah hutan, ternyata aku kembali dengan
tangan kosong. Jadi dikesempatan ini, aku lihat pohon ini, dan kurasa
tidaklah buruk-buruk amat, jadi kuputuskan untuk menebangnya dan
membawanya kesini. Aku tidak mau menghilangkan kesempatan untuk
mendapatkannya. ”

Gurunya pun kemudian menjawab, “Dan ya itulah perkawinan”

Cinta itu semakin dicari, maka semakin
tidak ditemukan. Cinta adanya di dalam
lubuk hati, ketika dapat menahan
keinginan dan harapan yang lebih.
Ketika pengharapan dan keinginan yang
berlebih akan cinta, maka yang didapat
adalah kehampaan… tiada sesuatupun
yang didapat, dan tidak dapat
dimundurkan kembali. Waktu dan masa
tidak dapat diputar mundur. Terimalah
cinta apa adanya.

Perkawinan adalah kelanjutan dari
Cinta. Adalah proses mendapatkan
kesempatan, ketika kita mencari yang
terbaik diantara pilihan yang ada,
maka akan mengurangi kesempatan untuk
mendapatkannya, Ketika kesempurnaan
ingin kita dapatkan, maka sia2lah
waktumu dalam mendapatkan perkawinan
itu, karena, sebenarnya kesempurnaan
itu hampa adanya

“kutipan artikel”

Rhapsody in Love

Everytime I wake up, I wanna look at you…

Don’t wanna let you out of my sight.

Wanna hug you always in me…so sweet and brittle,

then I kiss you tenderly before I sleep.

Your cry reminds me when the first time I saw you.

Your voice such a little angel whispers on his melodious song in the night.

Everything in you is a wonderful thing that I can’t deny on this being,

between belief and joy….tears and hopes…..

Can’t remember how dreadful is the pain, but one thing I knew…

it’s the sweetest moment ever happened in my life,

beyond anything I’ve got,

above all the precious gift I’ve ever had.

You’re the one that I long for

Can’t believe it’s true, but it’s true….

Yes, it’s You my Little Angel!

Indescribable thought of your existence,

As I know…you were before as I portrayed on my mind in times I peeked you,

soon the world is being bright afterwards,

the morning sky is greeting the day as you were born.

Indeed, its wave wakes me up of the Grace of the Almighty….ever

I wanna wake up all the time, stay in chapel as the joy we’ve got,

to keep on remind such the love in Him….

Vowing to bring him up, just for His glory……later in time.

KL, June 4, 2007