Hi , I’m Patricia,  an ordinary girl with an extra-ordinary blessings from great family, especially my 2 little boys to cheer up my days…

I’d like to share my thoughts from the blessings I’ve got from meeting new friends, traveling to a new place, moving to new country, playing my piano-guitar-violin, serving community and praying in silence…

This blog is intended as my stacking stones to count the blessings God had given in my life as the way the people of Israel had a tradition of stacking stones as a memorial to remind them of something great that God has done.

Please feel free to discuss and read through my passage or post to find the meaning of life we’ve been through. Thanks!




2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Patricia, greetings from Indonesia 🙂 I absolutely agree with you, we have to count God’s blessing for us. God is so good and loving to bless us 🙂
    Ow, thank you for following my blog, i follow you as well.


    • Hi Irene! It’s very great to have an Indonesian friend like you in wordpress.Thank you so much for following my Blog, I’m also from Indonesia, ‘Salam Kenal’…:) Well, your writings are very impressive and gorgeous. Keep it up to be blessings for people around you! GBU and Family!



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