Letter From Wellington – Day 4

Day 4.24.3Day 4.14.4
Everyday has its own story…Today, I went to a playground accompanying my kids to play, while I was thinking of you…it seemed strange….before….I felt busy with the church matters that made me a bit ignoring you, but you felt it had taken all my attention away from you, while I knew you had a problem that we supposed to carry on together…However, I was still doing my own desire, forgetting it by finding religious matters that gradually forsaken you, but initially the more it was agitating you till I felt that you were not balanced emotionally…and I realized it must be something wrong that I had done…and God gave me willingness to accept the reason on my own…..otherwise the more I insisted the more it frustrated me to be in discomfort moment in my family life.
And now I felt strange on this time you really meant a lot to me, that I’ve never felt this strong…I knew those were the times that I had to give more affection to you….that was the time that I had to serve you well as my husband, as I served well my religious community before. I knew you couldn’t get into the intimacy with God without my involvement as a wife that supposed to be the one who supporting you to go through life…to be tough…to be confident…to be sure in stepping forward to pursue our dreams together….
Thank You Lord, to remind me of the important thing of family as the second priority after closed intimacy with you..thank You for this situation You gave us so we found out the way to re-track back according to Your ways. This situation was reflecting him as well to surrender to You without relying on his thought but on God. This was the scriptures that we always remember:
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” (Proverb 3:5)
While I was thinking of this, the letter came to ease my longing for him…

Day 4 

Hi Rosa……this morning at 9 am,  I’ve got a chance to do exercise & running along the harbor….brrr…it was cool and windy out there …no wonder many people opt to stay at home for now…..less people ….but it was good exercise.
At 11 am went to church for mass….more people coming in than weekdays’ mass…no music…I wonder if they knew there was someone volunteer able to play music that would be great….I wish you could play in one of the church someday.
At 2 pm I was waiting for sunshine to come out…but no sunshine…just wind………
Oh yeah…for food…i wanted to cook for my lunch…bought minced beef $3, pepper, onion, garlic, salt, chili flake….and brought it to hotel and fried it & ate with bread straight away….
At 4 pm …I walked down to other side of the harbor expecting sunshine..but still the same…cold and windy….but people still enjoy it with their winter suits…..
I wish you can come here, it could warm my days even in this winter, but after all, I thank God to have all the life experience that God gave us.
(From Wellington With Love, 22nd July, 2017)

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