Letter From Wellington – Day 3

Thank God for your blessing to us. Around 11 years we’ve been leaving far from our country. We learnt so much how You’ve taken care of us in our lives. From what we didn’t know at all each country we lived in till we knew how to survive at some countries that somewhat different from our cultures. There were some times me and my kids experienced where my husband was away from family, a couple of months for his job assignment, but You gave us strength. Again for these couple of months we experience the same way. We’re thanking God of every situation that He’s given to us, and I believe that He will take care of us…and this was the letter he sent to me day to day….


Day 3

Today, I went to church again for morning mass and felt a bit sleepy after that, still adjusting to NZ time plus 4 hours difference than back to KL….I grabbed my simple breakfast banana bread  and milk and bought a quarter of chicken for $4.5 that was enough for protein consumption today to keep me warm….it was cool out there and windy…I was planning to go to the cable car but cancelled it…ended up with reading a book at national library, enjoyed my coffee and of course called my wife…I got a text from my young brother said my mom got hurt on his heart, I really prayed to God, hope everything’s gonna be OK for my parents while I’m here. I was heading home, took a few street pictures as the beginning of winter view. The street looked windy, chilly and getting dark at 5 pm in the afternoon. After arriving at the hotel, I started to carry on what I had to do on that evening and took a good rest. Thank God for the 3rd day I have spent in this new country and all blessing you gave to me, and I missed my family there…

(From Wellington With Love, 21st July 2017)







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