Letter From Wellington – Day 2

I felt alone without you, and none to talk about our dreams, however I could see your picture from the expecting letter every morning on my message that healing me on a slight yearning of you…Thank God for this opportunity to be far each other, so I really appreciate how precious my spouse is…there is a time in everything….

Day 2

Hi there….
I woke up about 5 am and went to church just next door at 7.30 am. It was cold morning… but felt warm as I went inside a simple and beauty old church.  It was about 15 people joining morning mass. I did enjoy the message, atmosphere and of course “bread &wine” holy communion. Definitely will enjoy again tomorrow, then I went back to hotel and carried my luggage to next hotel where I’m going to stay for a few weeks. I just grabbed warm noddle salad for my breakfast, showered and ready for short walk trip today. I was going to bank for new account opening and walking down to William Street….and woow it’s almost noon now….time flies….
I crossed the street and found museum next to harbor…It’s just beautiful as I continued walking along the sea shore where people sat down, taking their food, kids rode bike…. and I saw family of 4….this reminded me with my sweet wife and kids… and definitely I pictured this feeling today to bring them here to see how beautiful this city was…park and playground ain’t that far…..I’d like to say…you’ll love it babe…..pass through it…and got to “Te Papa Museum”….the entry was free and really good entertainment for kids and family about history of Maori people, dinosaurs, earth science and also….earth quake education….which I thought this was so spotted on as NZ is in the “ring of fire”(earth quake zone) equal to Indonesia, Japan, etc…
After enough spending time with museum, I walked back to other way and passed through a huge library…and amazed with lots of books where people spent their time inside (including kids) and by this way they were allowed to borrow….they don’t need to buy books at bookstore, no need to go to shopping mall….and of course..save money. On my way back to hotel, I got a chance to buy bread, milk and banana for $7 only and that was enough for 2 days…I would say I could manage to spend $10-15/day for F&B or max $20. Thank God of this day….this is my today’s story. …hope everything well in there.
(From Wellington With Love, 20th July, 2017)

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