Letter From Wellington – Day 1

Backpacker bedLounge area for backpackerChurch built more than 25 years agoChurch beside hotel
Reading a letter from a far, 4 hours earlier from here is the best thing I could hear from my husband. Expecting this letter of everyday. Thank God, you protect us everyday even though we’re in different time and place.

Day 1

Thank God, finally I touched down in Wellington about 6 pm after long flight and delayed from Sydney airport. A bit surprise it was dark when i got out and catched a bus to city center. I stayed at backpacker hotel for one night & saw people (from Asia, Europe)…they cooked and utilized kitchen as much as possible with their own basket full of their own bread, onion , pasta ready to cook. i just grabbed my own $9 chicken wrapped at food court not far from hotel upon checking.
i’ll stay one night with 1 room mate checked in earlier. I saw heater inside the room that could give me a bit warm from 10 degrees outside I hope I could sleep well tonight. Before going to bed I activated my new NZ mobile, sent emails, messaged my wife and kids, a couple of things to do and done. At midnight…oh ….I couldn’t sleep well ..heard guys and girl talking midnight….and room mate snoors :)…I plan to wake up for morning mass tomorrow. Goodnight and miss you all!
(From Wellington With Love, 20th July 2017)

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