God is the Centre, Life is Contented, and Be Humble

Life is full of competition, yes it’s true. However, no matter how hard life is, as long as God is the centre, as our hiding place, as long as we keep your relationship with God in everyday, we will endure to the life itself. We never felt unsatisfied with what God has given. We try our best for life, but let us ask whatever He intends to our life. Just keep your relationship with God in everyday, you will learn a lot about people around you and what you are supposed to treat your friends and people. You will feel the process of feeling contented without expecting any compliments from others. He is the one who takes care and gave life to you since you were born until now, so when no body cares, God will care. He will give you direction of what you will be as a humble person among this competition of life if you stick on Him everyday.

Even though it is hard to be a humble person, but God has done it before. We just can learn and practice it everyday, not people who jot down the virtues that you have done, but God will see and appreciate more than people you knew. This is the the way to be a humble person that I try to practice as well:

  1. Speaking as little as possible about yourself
  2. Mind matters – personal issues
  3. Avoid curiosity
  4. Do not meddle in the affairs of others
  5. Accept conflict with joy
  6. Do not focus on the mistakes of others
  7. Accept insults and obscenities
  8.  Accept feelings unnoticed, forgotten, and despised
  9.  Succumb to the will of others
  10. Accept taunts although you do not deserve
  11. Be polite and sensitive, even if someone lure your anger
  12. Do not try to be admired and loved
  13. Being in on the differences of opinion, although you are correct
  14. Choose always the hardest


Happy Easter!

GBU all!

April 28, 2014