Unforeseen Blessings

Unforeseen Blessings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like the title on my Blog, I feel fresh every time I read it, 3 words but magical words that turning me on every circumstance I feel in my life. Whenever I am down, count the blessings, whenever I am blissful, count the blessings, whenever I am anxious, count the blessings, whenever I am mad of the situation, count the blessings. We count the blessings that we have from God, we count every single thing that God gave. We count every blessing every tiny and small thing in our life that make us feel positive. If we feel blessed means we believe that God’s love is never ending. God will never give blessings only once in a lifetime, but His abundant love is dripping anytime whenever hope is impossible, whenever we’re lost or failed.

We were born safely into this world was a blessing. God even has  plan for us before we came into this world, every single day we got uncountable nourishment, love and affection from our parents, family, friends. We’re changing apparently, we’re growing up independently, we can take care our self, having relationship with others, we can serve others too, it’s not merely our strength, but His blessings are always working on us.

I understand people will feel abandoned by God in a period of time, I felt the same too. There’s a time I felt not feeling well, and what I could do just pray while I laid down on my bed, I even couldn’t lift up my hands, I couldn’t grab my Bible to look up His verses. I seems lees motivation when I was sick. It seems I was sinking in a dream that I even not realized whether I was in real life or not, especially with the big thought of problems I got. I was thinking of my kids that needed someone helping them out in their study for their exam, how was their meal, who was gonna take care of their uniform. I asked God for strength, but before that I tried to say thank that God has been so perseverance to me so far. I tried to remember the past when God’s helping hands around me where there was no hope, I tried to memorize things that I felt that  it was all God’s miracles on me to accumulate my strength to keep me believe in Him, so I could pray to Him with faith, instead of complaining of what He’s been offered on our life. Finally, I could find strength in Him to always believe in  Him so I can pray with faith and always be thankful to Him.

And what’s the next, as I read the book of Nick Vujicic “Unstoppable”, I really pondered more the power of faith in action. As we recognize that God gives His blessing onto us, is not only be there, but it is supposed to be put in action and practiced many many times. We pray in faith, and do what we believe. Sometimes we feel I don’t believe something we can’t see, but we have witnessed His wonderful miracles in plenty occasions in our life in the past. It had tested us to put trust on His great love. Same as Nick Fujicic parents, they grieved for the perfectly formed child they’d envisioned but didn’t receive. But they gave up their attempts to understand why God had given them such a child without limbs. Instead, they surrendered to His plan, whatever it might be, and what they could do is raising him as the best they could with love, because they know God’s love in their life. The result was amazing, Nick Fujicic has grown up and he finally becomes a great author and motivational speaker that God had planned for Him through situation seemed unwanted for normal people could receive, but never impossible for Him to open the world’s eyes looking for hope and achievement in this life, especially through hardship or difficult situation.

We need to focus not on our problem but put our vision on Him, so we can see the lights of hope that leads us to an open door. Whatever life may offer you or whatever difficult the situation is, just surrender to Him, put your trust on Him. Don’t forget to recall His blessings since you came into this world until present time. You’ll know that God really loves you, always be with you, and you’ll never be alone because there’s always a hope in God, our Creator.

God Bless You!

KL, Dec 10, 2013