God’s Precious Presents

Thank you God for today, I feel blessed with two kids 4 and 6 year older. Apparently, You hear my prayer and You have Your own way to preserve my kids. In previous time, I wished I could have seen something extraordinary from my kids, the fact I could have not seen something from my kids as how other parents discover their children with so many talents and gifts on their children, show to people how smart their kids are, despite I’d been through so many smirks, ridicules and rumors about my innocent kids, but I knew you’d taken care of my kids, so I supposed not to be afraid of what he will be, and what people said about my kids.

I do apologize God because at that time I tended to look down my kids as I look at other kids at the same age as my kids while I knew that one of my kids got delay and slower than average age as him, and I even forgot to thank that he obtained every little pace of milestones; step by step that he got while he was slow but finally I’ve perceived this as a remarkable progress that I had no doubt it was from You. I know that You had made every child wonderfully with his own talent and gift. Help me God to be a good parent who is able to help nurturing their talent and everything You gave them. You trust us to raise them in Your faith and spirit and  we help them grow to be blessings in order that He’ll please You and praise You from time to time.

I thank God for an experience for we moved to a city in Oz while we did everything ourselves without helper in there, but meant a lot for us. The quality of life experience that brought us mature in endurance, built our spirit and responsibility as parents, the ones who are learning them how to live with different people from many parts of the world. I know it was hard time, but You have let us went through it so we knew what our mission for kids according to Your ways. We learned in somewhat short time period, but meant a lot for us. We learned to read them sort of unlimited children’s books everyday reinforced by school and government there so that they’re finally getting used to read book every day. I even couldn’t handle them both of exuberantly interest of reading each day, particularly reading about Bible, I was amazed on what they were saying responding to the book I read. I thoughtfully comprehended with what God said of parable about kingdom is true. The kingdom of God belongs to such as these kids. And I know I’m in the process in learning them to be a perfect them not me. How exquisite God’s presents to us.

This is the song that my kids use to sing..:) I love it!


I love myself the way I am,
there’s nothing I need to change.

I’ll always be the perfect me,
there’s nothing to rearrange.

I’m beautiful and capable,
of being the best me I can.

And I love myself,
just the way I am.

I love you the way you are,
there’s nothing you need to do.

When I feel the love inside,
it’s easy to love you.

Behind your fears, your rage and tears,
I see your shining star.

And I love you,
just the way your are.

I love the world the way it is,
cause I can clearly see.

That all the things I judge are done,
by people just like me.

So ’til the birth of peace on earth,
that only love can bring.

I’ll help it grow,
by loving everything.

I love myself the way I am,
and I still want to grow.

But change outside can only come,
when deep inside I know.

I’m beautiful and capable,
of being the best me I can.

And I love myself,
just the way I am

“Memories in Perth”

KL, 1st November 2013